There are a lot of things changing over time. Some days ago, the biggest threat to health in the world was infectious disease. Changes in the ongoing world of time cycle are changing the way in which human life is moving, along with the various diseases of the human being. And in today’s world, human health has become the biggest threat or challenge of the heart and cardio vascular disease blood vessel disorders.

According to the World Health Organization, malaria, HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis have killed approximately 38 lakh 60 thousand people every year, and there are now 13 million people per year in the world due to this cardiovascular related problems. The greatest threat to heart and blood vessels is high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and increased blood glucose levels are also a major threat. In the past, we found obesity among the elderly, now a days the obesity is increasing every time between the children and young people. And the changes in our life style are responsible for these.

Doctors & Health sclentists give the opinion that the main reason behind the spred Heart & Vascular disease is due to 1. Use tobacco,drugs & wine 2. Lack of exercise 3. Fast food & junk food 4. Idle life leaving Many of us are frustrated and frustrated due to this heart and blood vessel disease. But due to the advancement of medical science, this disease is mostly preventable. For which we need to increas our awareness and change of our life style . Many of us often make mistakes in the way of ignorance about such diseases and therapies. A little unintention or accident may be the cry of your whole life. Therefore, to avoid cardiovascular accidents, regular checkup of health, including elimination of tobacco products, changes in unhealthy dietary intake regular exercises, weight control & by doing regular cheek up by doctor .

Those who are suffering from heart & vascular disease don’t waste time. consult with doctor & change you life style. A topic for the awareness, many people are suffering from heart and blood vessel problems.they things this type of treatment only posible in abroad. But it is posible complete treatment in our country & even in the port city Chittagong. Heart surgery (Open Heart Surgery, Bypass Surgery and Cosmetic Bypass Surgery) is not only abroad but also in Dhaka, Port city Chittagong,khulna,sylhet,Sirajganj and even Dinajpur, which is a sign of continuous progress in medical services in Bangladesh. Now people of our country can do successfully complicated treatment of heart disease easily with less expenditare. In case of Heart disease only operation is not the complete tratment. After completing operation the patient must stay under observation of operating surgeon.

As a result a patient gradually become completly cured. So everyone should accept medical services at their own country and in their own city, avoiding the mentality of going abroad. Which you can get at the Heart Center of the Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital at GEC center of Chittagong city. Here we are providing full-time medical care for 24 hours of cardiovascular diseases.